Free Disc Burner

A disc burner that writes any files, folders (data) to any disk.
Free Disc Burner writes any files, folders (data) to any disk as well as writes multi session disks (there is a possibility to write up files to the same disk), lets erase information from a disk, supports Blu-Ray.

Supported Media Types: BD-R / BD-RE (Blu-Ray), DVD-R Double Layer, DVD-R Dual Layer, DVD+R / DVD+RW, DVD-R / DVD-RW, DVD-RAM, CD-R / CD-RW.

Device Features:

- supports buffer protection technologies (BurnProof, JustLink, etc.);

- advanced speed detection;

- advanced file system detection anywhere on the disc;

- automatic selection of write modes;

- erase functionality.

Data Features:
- writes multi-session or disc-at-once to ALL supported media formats including Blu-Ray (BD-R and BD-RE);

- creates disc images on-the fly (no staging to hard drive is required);

- easy file/folder manipulation;

- imports existing data from any supported file system or from any session and appends or edits;

- supports UNICODE file and folder names for multi-byte.
Supports: Windows XP, Vista and Seven.

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Size: 4.4 MB

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